David Lies About Cost of Registering Children in School

(Updated May 9, 2019)

David posted a video on his Facebook page where he discusses the Department of Welfare and Development (DSWD).


This video proves what we have been saying for more than two years in this blog; David is operating an illegal charity in Cebu!

By his own admission he says that he is deliberately misleading DSWD by saying he’s not an official orphanage and sneaks around to avoid being deported. Below are the sections of the video where he says this:

This video proves without a shadow of doubt that David knows the law and that he knows he is required to be registered with the DSWD.  By his own admission he is intentionally breaking the law.

The reason the DSWD requires registration is to prevent people like David Wilkerson from exploiting disadvantaged people in the Philippines. The DSWD requires that organizations submit an annual audit and allow periodic inspections of their facilities. This prevents founders of these organizations from profiting off of the kindness of those who support them.

NGOs required to register with Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) are those who are identified as Social Welfare Development Agency (SWDA). An SWDA is an NGO that provides supportive activities for the welfare and development of the disadvantaged sectors.

Supportive activities include those that provide leadership, provide tangibles such as food, clothing, shelter, medicines; or provide intangibles such as knowledge, skills, hope, courage.

Examples of SWDA are Peoples Organization like federation of senior citizens, youth organization/s or association/s of women and children or persons with disabilities, those that provide shelter, and other coalition or alliances which has a goal in promoting social protection.


David also lies about the arrest of the American missionaries in 2016. He says they were registered, but even the couple that was arrested admitted they were not. David knows this, because this incident received a lot of news coverage in Cebu. Below are excerpts from news reports when this took place:

Oliva said the Dwinells will be charged for violating Republic Act No. 9208 or the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003 after the DSWD in Central Visayas, through Assistant Regional Director for Operations and Programs Grace Subong, issued a certification that the Dwinells were neither authorized to operate a shelter for children nor permitted to take physical custody of children in need of special protection.

SKMP is not registered and licensed by DSWD-Central Visayas to operate as a social welfare and development agency. “It has no authority to provide temporary shelter and physical custody of children in need of special protection,” affirmed Cirena Sia, social worker of the DSWD in Tagbilaran City.

DSWD personnel found there were no individual beds for the children and only some slept on mattresses.

Mita Tecson, DSWD-Bohol provincial head, said the Dwinells have not provided basic care and security for children living there.

“Dili maayo ang condition. Walay lugar nga pakan-on bisan asa ra kilid-kilid . . . dili man gud facility. It’s a house actually. Dapat lang if facility naay beds individual for children, naay kan-anan nga pahilunaan (The condition is poor. The children just eat in whatever corner available . . . because it’s not a facility. It’s a house actually. If it is a facility, there should be individual beds for the children, a dining table),”

The Dwinells strongly denied the allegations of trafficking. However, they could only provide a license to operate as an orphanage from the municipality of Dauis and nothing else.

The couple said that while it was true they had no permit from DSWD, their intention is only to help the children to send them to school.


The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), said that the couple is not registered to operate any orphanage in the area.

“The condition of shelter, it’s not a facility. It’s just a house rented,” DSWD Provincial Head Mita Tecson said.

Sought for comment, the couple said they just forgot to file the necessary permits to operate as an orphanage.


As can be seen from the articles above this couple was not arrested without reason as David implies. They were operating as an illegal charity and were not registered with the DSWD.

Fortunately all charges were dropped against this couple, but they were unable to raise the standards of their facilities and to provide qualified staff to care for the children as required by DSWD, so they abandoned their ministry and returned to the United States.

David also makes the claim in his video that the DSWD resents outside intervention and especially foreigners who want to help the poor. This is not true and is complete nonsense. The DSWD welcomes outside help for the poor and there are many ministries both foreign and domestic registered and partnering with the DSWD in the Philippines. The only ministries that have problems are those who fail to complie with the laws of the Philippines.

David continues to lie and by his own admission he is operating illegally in the Philippines.

Supporting David Wilkerson equals supporting lawlessness.


Last year we pointed out how David grossly exaggerates the costs of school supplies and uniforms. This year he has really out done himself. He is deceiving his supporters about how much it costs to register students in the public school system.

This entry will be short as there’s not too much explaining to do.

We will start with a few recent posts found on David’s Facebook profile.

Here David claims he spent OVER $100 getting this child’s documents in order so she can attend school:

school lies33

In this next post David claims that the school charges a late fee for late registration.

school lies22

And finally in this post David once again claims he is spending OVER $100 to get this child’s documents together so she can get into school!

school lies11

David is intentionally deceiving his supporters once again.

The Philippine government wants every child of school age to attend school and the Public schools are 100% free!

There are no fees collected from school children at the time of enrollment. No late fees, no registration fees, no fees period!

No fees shall be collected from school children in Kindergarten up to Grade 4 at anytime during the School Year and no fees shall be collected from Grade 5 pupils up to High School students from June to July; However, starting in August until the end of the School Year, the following may be collected and only on a voluntary basis.

Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP)
Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP)
Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC)
Anti-TB Fund Drive
Parents-Teachers Association (PTAs)
School Publication
Membership in pupil/student organizations

Fees for each of the above are less than P100 ($2) and are strictly voluntary.

Deped Basic Enrollment Policy

David says he has spent $100 for documents in order for these children to attend school.

The only document that is required at registration that may have a fee involved is a birth certificate. If the child already has a birth certificate, this will cost nothing, if they need to get one, the cost is only P155 ($3). A certificate from the Barangay Hall is also acceptable in lieu of a birth certificate. The fee for this varies from barangay to barangay, but is usually less than P50 ($1).

How to get a birth certificate in the Philippines

Below are the Deped guidelines on the document requirements for a new student.

school lies55

Public schools only require a birth certificate for enrollment.


The birth certificate issued by the PSA shall be used as a reference in the encoding of pertinent information in the Learner Information System (LIS) for learners with no existing profile.

In the absence of a PSA birth certificate, a birth certificate issued by the local civil registrar or a barangay certification containing the learner’s basic information may be submitted instead.

Learners should be given until August 31st of the current school year to comply with required documents.


Please also be informed that per the clarification from the PSA, the birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) has no expiration and is the same as the birth certificate issued by the PSA. This is because the NSO is one of the four statistical agencies that were merged under Republic Act No. 10625 in order to create the PSA. As such, the NSO copy of the birth certificate can be used for purposes of enrollment and it is needless to require learners to secure a new PSA birth certificate.


A birth certificate is not required at the time of registration, a document from the barangay can be substituted for a birth certificate, and finally, a child can register without these documents provided they are presented by the end of August.

Documents such as ECCD assessments and other test results do not have fees.

The above policies have been in effect since at least 2008. David says he has been enrolling children in school for nine years. It is impossible for him not to know that there are no fees required by the public schools and that it doesn’t cost anywhere close to $100 for the documents required to enroll children in school. If what David claims was actually true, there would be very few children attending school in the Philippines because P5,000 for documentation purposes would be more than many families could afford.

Once again, Deped wants every child of school age in school. They don’t make the process burdensome for parents.

David is lying to his supporters to inflate the costs involved in putting children in school, because he needs money to support himself and his extended family.

We always provide contact information to the government agencies that can confirm what we say in our blog posts whether it be about health care, social services, or education.

Once again we ask you not to take our word for what you read here. Please contact Deped in Cebu City for yourself and ask them about the registration process.  Here is their email address:  cebu.city@deped.gov.ph

Below is the reply we received from Deped:

Deped letter school fees2

Once Deped confirms what we have told you in this blog post, please be sure to tell them that there is an American “missionary” by the name of David Merritt Wilkerson in Cebu City claiming the documentation process costs $100.


To be continued….

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